Rebel Hart

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Rebel Hart –Brad Gulley
Mike Evans, Paula Breedlove
Mark Brinkman Songs – BMI /Paulajon Music – ASCAP

“A liberal reward is offered for information leading to the whereabouts and eventual capture of a Miss Nancy Hart, about 16 years of age, black hair, dark eyes, fair complexion. Considered to be comely in appearance, and known to be a Rebel guide and spy.” – Civil War warrant circulated throughout Western Virginia early in 1862

Nancy Hart

Nancy Hart grew up on a small farm in the mountain districts of Roane County, Virginia. She was always known as the ‘rebel of the family,’ a moniker that proved apt when Nancy, unlike her Union soldier brothers, joined a band of pro-southern guerrillas known as the Moccasin Rangers in 1861. She could ride and shoot as well as the men, and she used her gender to lure unsuspecting Yankees into revealing information that she could take to Confederate Generals. Once, Nancy was recognized and captured in Summersville, but she seduced her guard and tricked him into giving her his rifle. She killed the guard and escaped, and came back a week later with 200 mounted infantry. Nancy managed to avoid the rope throughout the war, and ended her days in Greenbrier County with her husband Joshua. The south may have lost the war, but it seems the “Rebel Hart” came out a winner.

Song Lyrics

Born to be a rebel with a rifle in her hands
Nancy Hart could ride and shoot as good as any man
at just 14 her young heart embraced the southern way
Another family divided between the blue and grey

With rangers in Virginia as a soldier and a spy
A pretty country girl could pass right through those union lines
She gathered information that brought those Yankees down
Until her reputation was spread for miles around

They called her “Rebel Hart”
Put a bounty on her head
When she was finally caught
She charmed a guard and shot him dead
Leaping out the window
That small shadow in the dark
Escaping on a stolen horse
That girl called “Rebel Hart”

She knew it wasn’t over; there was more blood to be spilled
As Nancy led her rebel troops straight back to Summersville
She caught her captors by surprise as they wept and moaned
It seems like this time “Rebel Hart” was taking prisoners of her own.

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